2022 HEBER VALLEY HORSE SALE. May 14th,2022 Heber City, Utah



#3 Woodrow 2018 Gray Draft Cross Gelding. We love Woodrow.  He’s a 15 hand stout made draft cross gelding that has a sweet personality.  He’s an easy one to like. Since the first days of working with him as a colt to today he’s been nothing but a gentleman. Woodrow is honest, he’s safe for most anyone to get up on and ride.   He will saddle up and ride the same every time you pull him out of the pen or pasture. He has a nice quiet disposition and very willing attitude. He’s been on the trail- we’ve taken him all over the rough country here near Heber Valley.  He will go where you point him- water, logs, rivers, over it or through it, it won’t matter.  He rides well in the arena you can pull out all the tricks on this guy.  He lopes around quiet and easy with a low headset and smooth slow lope.  Bareback, Double or Triple Riders, Tarps, Bridle-less, Stand on his back, slide off his back end- he’s good with it all.  You can do all the dumb tricks you want and he’ll be steady as a rock for you to have your fun on.  We love Woodrow, he’ll make a family real happy owning a nice gelding like this guy.





#27- Hancock Blue Kirk 2017 Bay Roan AQHA Gelding. Bob stands 15.3 hands and 1300 lbs with all the presence in the world.  He’s a big easy going roan gelding that is a pleasure to ride.  He’s GENTLE, he’s safe and he’s broke to ride.  Bob has been put through our program and will handle himself well in any situation. He’s seen the bouncy balls, the tarps, he’ll lay down with ease.  He’s got a friendly personality, wants to please and be your friend.  He’s got all the color in the world and a big stout conformation that makes him stand out wherever he might be.  He is broke well in the arena- picks up his leads with no problem, good stop and turn to him. He’s been roped on, could make a nice head horse, real nice using ranch horse.   He’ll back up, move side to side and move off leg if asked.  He’s good out on the trail and will go where ya point him.  Big enough to pack the biggest of riders, gentle enough you don’t have to be a cowboy to ride.  He’s going to take care of his riders.  Big and Easy is the best way to describe him.  He will load, stand, shoe, wash and clip with no problems.  He’s been there and seen it.  Nice gelding, ready to make someone’s wishes come true.  FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772


#61 Electric Chrome 2018 AQHA, NRHA Chestnut Gelding. Chrome stands 15 hands and 1200 lbs. I’m not sure where to begin with this fancy made gelding.  He can’t help but look good, ride good and be how he is.  He’s got no choice but to stand out and ride like a champ.  His pedigree is full of talent with a quiet easy going attitude.  Big hip, big shoulder and a classy look makes Chrome stand out where ever he is. He’s got all the shape in the world.  He’s reining trained- lopes great circles, BIG STOP and a nice turn. He could go to the show pen today and stand out.   He’s NRBC enrolled and eligible to show.  We’ve taken Chrome over the last year from just being a reiner to seeing the outside world, he will ride around with a loose rein, goes where you point him and rides safe.  He’s also been started  roping- tracked steers, roped the dummy, started in the box and will make a top notch rope horse.  You can finish him out on either end and also  turn him into one heck of a break away horse.  He’s talented, has his whole life ahead of him, he will check all the boxes for the family looking for that all around gelding for the everyone to enjoy.  He’s sound, built to last with real good feet.  If you’ve wanted to ride a nice classy gelding to show, to work or for pleasure this guy will hold up to whatever you want to do with him.  FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772

#72 Flirts Playboy AQHA Palomino Gelding. Socks stands 15 hands with all the color and chrome in the world.  4 socks and a blaze on this good looking gelding.  He’s been in with us since he was two.  He’s been started right and is real good minded.  He’s been a fun one to ride and train.  He’s  broke nice, started on head side tracking steers, no buck or funny business.  He’s ready to do whatever you want with him.  Make him a rope horse, nice using ranch horse or pleasure horse.  He’s good doing whatever it is he’s asked to do.  If ya want one that will stand out, be around for a long long time and been through our program and seen it all, here he is.  Good to load, shoe, haul and stand tied.  FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772

#88 AQHA King Mo 660 Grulla Gelding.  Easy is a cute made 14.3 hand gelding is one with quiet willingness to him.  He’s easy to get along with.  He’s been in our program since he was two years old.  Started slow and Started correct.  He’s now a very nice young gelding that is broke, easy to ride.  He will make a nice youth horse, a nice ranch horse, one for the kids to 4H with, a nice heel horse or one that would be great for trails or pleasure riding.  He’s 4 and has lots of time in the saddle and ridden by all ages.  He will ride well in the arena and lope pretty circles.  He’s seen the tarps, balls, flags and all the other stuff to help him ready for any surprise.  Nice gelding that will make someone real happy to own.  He’s RMO approved and one many will like.  FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772



#15 Tubs 2016 AQHA Buckskin Gelding. 14.3 hands thick made gelding that is GENTLE.  He’s friendly.  Perfect horse for the timid, novice riders but broke well enough that he could make a real nice heel horse, ranch versatility horse, weekend show horse.  He’d be great for the kids to  4h with, carry the flag, queen on or take to a parade.  He will ride anywhere and stay broke.  Great trail horse, rides well on the mountain and down the road with traffic and dogs.  He will ride nice in the arena with a nice lope, trot and stop.  He’s one for everyone to enjoy and one we’ve put through all of it.  No surprises and one we are proud to offer.  He will load, haul, shoe, stand tied and wash with no issues.  

#43 It’s A Smart Abner 2018 AQHA Buckskin Gelding- 15.1 hands.  Abner is the “real deal” he’s the kind everyone hopes for when looking for a good broke gelding. He’s been with us since a colt, started correct, been in our program since the beginning and in good hands.  He’s been quite and very easy to work with.   GENTLE and Broke.  He’s got all the color in the world and made right. He’s a good traveling horse, walks out nice, lopes off easy, rides correct and with a lot of ability.  He’s one we will stand behind 100%.  Abner has the ability to go forward in any direction.  He’ll make a great ranch horse, he’s solid on the trail, rides well in the arena, started roping, been used on cattle, ride down the road.  He’s been exposed to about everything you can imagine and will ride with no surprises.  Loads, Shoes, Stands tied, washes with no issues.  Call Alvin at 660-684-6974 or Joe at 801-361-6772

#66 Special Shine Boy 2017 AQHA Palomino Gelding. Sparks is a fancy dappled palomino gelding stands 15 hands.  He’s got a lot of color and flash to him.  This gelding is proven on both ends of the rope.  He’s been hauled and roped on.  He’ll rope out of the box, on the ranch and ride around like a broke horse should.  He’ll excel in the branding pen, ranch work and roping but broke enough to take on a trail ride up the mountain, out on the ranch.  This flashy gelding will stand out wherever he is.  He’s good with tarps, bouncy and more.  He’s good to haul, shoe, stand and honest at what he does. Call Alvin at 660-684-6974 

#83  Smoke 2018 Grulla Draft Cross Gelding.  He’s 15.3 hands and a classy looking draft cross gelding.  He’s got a lot of look and color.  He will ride around correct, like one should, easy to handle, lopes nice circles, smooth trot, walks out nice.  He’s been used on the trail, ridden down the road and will ride around cattle.  He’s been on our place since he was 2 yrs old-  Use him as a trail horse, ranch horse, dressage prospect, fox hunter. He’s a horse that can move around nice with a lot of ability. Call Alvin at 660-684-6974

#100 Blaze 2018 Qtr Pony Gelding.  13.1 qtr pony. He is really broke.  He will make a young cowboy/cowgirl a great step-up pony.  He’ll  do all the events.  He’s very handy broke, fun to ride.  He’s been used on the trail, rides great in the arena.  He’s also broke to drive a cart or buggy.  He’s been used as a buggy pony for the kids to drive to school for the past two years.  He’s traffic safe, no surprises and desensitized.  Really fun little gelding.  He’s cute, very shapey, looks like a small qtr horse.  He’s good to shoe, clip, haul and will stand good.  Call Alvin at 660-684-6974