Ace of Robin 2016 Friesian Sport Horse

Ace is one of the classiest made horses you’re going to find anywhere. He stands 15.3 hands, built perfect for a friesian sport horse. Lots of mane and tail, jet black, no scars and he X-rays clean. He’s got all the movement to excel at any discipline you want- ride him Western, English, dressage, fox hunting, as a family horse, a trail horse, a flag or queen horse. He’s going to do whatever it is you want. Moves free, rides smooth and looks good doing it. He’s been in great hands from the beginning and has seen something of everything. He’s done the parades, carried the flag in rodeos, he’s worked cows, he knows how to move correct, he’s seen the rugged Wasatch Mountains, he’s chased wagon loads of screaming people in the dark while being the mount for our Headless Horseman (nothing will get a horse exposed to more than working this event the month of October) and best of all he will keep a calm quiet mind doing it. Yes he’s only three, he’s seen it, he’s been there and he’s done it. He’s experienced far more than most 6-7 yr old horses. He truly could excel any way you want to take him. He’s sound, clean, easy to handle and guaranteed to like. He’s not full of tricks, he’s the real deal- his tricks are those you actually use when riding or performing. FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772 or Mike at 801-735-2912