Barney 2017 Buckskin Draft Cross 15.2 hands. He's #63 in the Cody Horse Sale Barney is a big pretty gentle buttermilk buckskin. He’s got a sweet personality with all the color and wow factor you could want in a horse. Big kind eye, lots of mane and tail makes this good-looking fellow stand out. He has alot of presence and is a fun gelding to saddle up and ride. You don’t have to be cowboy to saddle up and go ride this guy. He’s going to be good for anyone whether they want to saddle up western or English and head up the trail on. He’s been rode on the mountain, he rides soft and correct in the arena and will handle new things with no problem. He’s willing, wants to please and will be around for many years to come. If you want one you can stand out in a crowd on here ya go. He’s a good one. He’s good to shoe, stands all day, easy to load and stands good to mount. For more information call Alvin (660) 684 6974