#5 Gambler 2016 AQHA Gray Gelding This is one unique gray gelding with a little different look about him with four high white socks and a wide stripe down his face. He’s one of our daughter’s favorites, she will ride him anyway, anywhere and is always excited when she gets to hop up on Gambler to ride him. He’s got all the ability in the world and will fit most any level rider. Our kids ride him slow and steady but he will really step it up and ride around when asked for it. He’s GENTLE with a real good mind that likes to be loved on and will stand patient all day if needed. Gambler is solid in the arena- he’s got a lot of turn, real nice stop and slow easy lope. He’s smooth and comfortable to ride. He’s seen cows, bikes, tarps, balls, flags, dogs and a whole lot more, there won’t be any surprises with him. He’s one that we use to gather the horses on and he does it in complete control. He’s also been in a parade, will pack a flag and would make a nice queen horse or rope prospect. He will ride through any size of water- streams, rivers, or lakes. He likes to go for a swim anytime bareback and a halter. Rides around in the bridle, low headed, smooth jog and easy lope. If we were to gamble on a horse this is one that is certainly worth his weight. He’s been in good hands from the start and will ride correct. He will make a family’s dream come true, and he will fit the whole family and will be around for many more years to come. Gambler stands 15H and is good to shoe, haul, load, clip and likes his baths. For more information, please call (801)-361-6772 or email rmohorses@gmail.com. SOLD 37,000

#20 Rev 2014 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding If you like them blue, broke, and GENTLE here is your guy. We’re pretty proud to offer this classy made 15.1H, blue roan gelding that has all the foot, bone, and conformation you could want in a quarter horse. Rev will do it all and he’ll do it in a safe, easy to ride way. He’s always gentle and he’s talented. The horse has all the tools in the box and will do what is asked every single day or once a month. Our kids ride him everywhere, they bounce the ball, play catch, do all the things you worry about them doing and he will just take care of them. He’s got that personality that really watches out for his rider. He really is one that will fit the entire family- 4H to trails, to ranch work to arena looking fancy with his turns, stops and handle. This guy has the right attitude for the whole family. He’ll drag a calf to the fire, let you doctor one on the dessert or in the pasture, he’s roped the donkey, the sled and everything else our kids care to try and catch. He’s got the talent to make a rope horse or an awesome ranch rider. He’d even excel at the mounted shooting game. Rev has really helped some of our younger riders learn a ton and helps those less experienced feel good about riding and he’ll make someone with experience enjoy their time in the saddle. No need to be nervous, get frustrated or scared sitting on Rev’s back. He’s real easy to get along with. If you want to go to the arena he can perform he’ll pick up his leads without a hitch, has a nice controlled turn, backs up, side passes, smooth trot and lope across the arena or out in the desert or pasture. He’s in the prime of his life, he’ll make a family, ranch boss, roper or someone looking for a nice pleasure horse real happy. He’s built to last, he’s easy to shoe and care for, loads up easy, stands tied and will please. He’s guaranteed to like. He’s got a full set of X-rays that are clean, he’s got lots of bone and good dark hooves. This is one nice made individual. For more information, call (801)-361-6772 or email rmohorses@gmail.com. SOLD 27,000

#38 Shine HA Shine Steps Shine 2017 AQHA Buckskin Gelding All class and talent with A LOT of gentle packed into this fancy made buckskin gelding. He’s an own son of Shine Chic Shine, out of a daughter of Wimpys Little Step. He’s got all the talent and ability of a reiner in a big stout made frame. You can’t ask for anything more out of this outstanding gelding. He comes dressed in everyone’s favorite color, the best set of papers you can find, size, conformation, loaded with ability. He would excel anyway you want to take him. Ranch Rider, Weekend Shows, Trail or Ranch. He would also make a head horse or go a different direction and turn him into your next dressage mount. This fancy made, 15.1H, gelding is nice. He’s got a lot of turn, a big sliding stop, good leads and smooth to ride. What makes Shine even shine brighter is his gentle easy personality. He loves attention, he will meet you at the gate to get pet, he’s safe with flags, tarps, balls, obstacles, ride him bridle-less, go for a swim, throw a fishing line off his back. He doesn’t care, he’ll head up the trail on cold morning or saddle up and do a ranch job in any weather. He’s tough and he’s dependable. This nice young gelding has been with us since he was a two year old bought as a weanling from our friends. What he lacks in years he makes up with experience in the arena and out in the real world where he can work for a living. He’s young enough to take him any direction you need and will excel in whatever you choose to do. He’ll be as quiet as a mouse or wake up when you need him to perform. Good minded easy to work with and a blast to ride. For more information call (801)-361-6772. SOLD 34,000

#66 Smokey2016 Buckskin Draft Cross A once in a lifetime horse! He’s an absolute gentleman and handsome made draft cross gelding as one could ever hope to find. This big, 16H, good looking buckskin fella really is one of those horses we’ve all dreamed about owning. As nice as he is on the outside to look at, he’s even better on the inside. He is a true gentle and honest horse with the sweetest personality. Smokey is a ladies man. He’s very easy on the eyes loping circles in the arena under a western saddle or fancied up in English attire. He is also one that is willing to put the work clothes on, head out and do a job on the ranch, whether it’s in the branding pen or good hard day’s work gathering cattle. He’s the best to ride, smooth, great handle and easy to ride. Anyone that can sit in a saddle will get along with true gentleman. He’s one that has the best ground manners and will stand as long as you need. He’s incredibly patient and will do whatever you ask. If it’s just sitting on his back doing your morning Yoga session he’ll stand there for you. If you want to ride him bridleless and bareback out in the pasture he’s cool with that. He’s not one that will run off in anyway. He could care less about tarps, balls, dogs or whatever else there is that might look strange to a horse. Saddle him up English and go “Hack”, maybe do some flat work with him or use him as your next big Fox Hunting Companion. Go to the ranch, cowboy on him and you will be the talk of the branding pen or on the ranch. He’s an absolute blast to ride and work on with cows. He’s done parades, carried flags and catches everyone’s eye. Everyone notices this horse no matter where you are. He’s that kind that will stands out in a crowd. Smokey is a true gentle, friendly, loving type gelding, likes attention and wants to please you anyway he can. He’s one of the best and one we are proud to offer and to have spent the time we have with him.  For more information, please call (801)-361-6772 or email rmohorses@gmail.com. SOLD 110,000