Blue Boy- This 2014 AQHA Gelding- is one of the most Quiet and Gentle Geldings you will find anywhere.  He’s going to take care of anyone that gets on his back- kid, grandma horse or someone that lacks confidence.  Did we say he’s gentle?  He’s got the cool blue roan color, stout made, stands 15 hands.   This gelding has been in the deep snow, steep terrain and will go where you point him.  He’s one you can trust wherever you ride him- down the road by traffic, in the arena or up the trail.  This is one you can put your kids on and know they’ll be safe.   He’s got more whoa than go but can walk out when needed and will ride alone if you want.  No funny business, easy to shoe, easy to be around.  This is one that will stay broke, ride him once a month or everyday he’ll be the same horse.   He’s sound, good to handle, good to shoe.  For questions call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772