Bob and Marely- 2009 and 2010 Crossbred Geldings

 They sell at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Sale on March 12th in Denver, Colorado

Click HERE to watch video of them hitched and driving

Clck HERE to watch video of them riding

These two are full brothers, they stand close to 14.2 hands and are buckskin. You can wear out a set of new tires before you will find a pair as matched and good looking as these two. They will pull a sleigh, carriage, wagon or whatever you hitch to. They both ride and are better suited for intermediate riders at this point. They’ve come a long way on the riding side since we got them. They’ve been used on the mountain to gather and check cows. They have pulled countless sleigh rides this season and pull really well together. They are big enough anyone can ride with no problem. They have their whole lives ahead of them. Great weekend team, good for a parade and will always be buckskin colored. One of a kind set you don’t want to miss out on.