HIGH SELLER at 55,000

Clyde- 2015 15.1 hands and 1300 lbs Draft Cross Gelding. SOLD. What a horse!  If ya want one that’s just a little different than the rest, check this guy out.  He’s got all the flash and color in the world but rides quiet and GENTLE.  Its hard to put in words how to describe this horse, just an awesome individual that has that WOW factor. Clyde is a pleasure to be around, easy to work with, good on the ground, respectful and won’t walk all over you.  He is willing to try anything, stays broke and wants to please.  He rides around the arena with a lot of look and easy movement.  Nice walk, trot, lope, he neck reins, moves off leg.  He’s one you can ride anywhere you want to go.  He’s been rode along the road and seen traffic, bikes and much more- No Spook, No surprises.  He’s been used for ranch work- gathered and sorted on, branded on, packed on.  He stays broke and will ride all day if ya need him to.  He’s one that could go any direction you choose whether its spending the day on the ranch or trail or to show in dressage or eventing.  He’s one that would excel at fox hunting, ride him English or Western, he doesn’t care and look good under any saddle you throw on hin.  Clyde is one the whole family can enjoy- he’s laid back for the timid riders but will ride around for someone experienced if ya ask him.  Good to shoe, haul, clip and stands quiet.