Mr. Trump He's a sharp-looking percheron/qtr horse cross.  Love the way he's made- stout but not too big, all the foot and bone you'd ever want, short back, good-looking gelding.  Since he showed up at our place we put him to work- ranching, flagging and ponying colts, hunting on, parades and much more.  He was used in part of our Sleepy Hollow Production and used every night last October as a mount for one of our characters chasing a wagon loads of screaming people. He's been laid off and will ride the same every time you pull him out to use him.  He's got a ton of athletic ability and wants to please his rider.  Rides alone no problem, rides in a group and will get along with others.  This big guy is the perfect draft cross size- 16 hands, size 3 shoe and all the mane and tail you'd ever want on a horse.   He will ride well in the arena- stops hard, move off your leg, pick up his leads, ride around like a small horse.  We are certain whoever ends up with this TOP NOTCH gelding will be happy they took a chance on him.  He's sound, He's good to work with and good on the ground.  This big guy has the ability to go do whatever it is you want to do- Fox Hunt, Ranch, Rope, Trail, Pleasure, Hunt, Dressage.  Call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772 Video and more photos go to



Conway- 2014 roan draft cross that will get attention.   Here is the perfect package, he’s a draft cross but stands 15 hands, he’s stout, good boned and put together really well.  He rides good, he goes where you point him and he always wants to please.  He comes with a fancy look to him with his roan coloring and full mane and tail.    He’s solid on the mountain, use him as a ranch horse, take him hunting or for a trail ride.  He’s got great feet, sound and very good minded.  If you are vertically challenged but have always wanted a draft cross he’s one you won’t need a mounting block or even a rock to get on him.  Good gelding, moves nice, lopes both ways and has had a rope thrown on him.  .  Call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772 Video and more photos go to



Wally-   If you like them big and gentle Wally is your guy.  This big percheron draft cross will be the same horse every single day.  He’s black as a stove pipe, gentle as gentle can be but tough as nails.  He will hold up for anyone that climbs on his back.  He rides good, he drives good and he looks real good.  16.2 hands, 1500 lbs. size 4 shoe.  He’s a good one to have around, gentle for anyone to ride but if you want to get a job done he’s good for that too.  He was our back up horse for the Headless Horseman to ride in our Sleepy Hollow Production and did a good job.  He’s not going to beat anyone in a 100 yard dash but he will handle nice, you won’t have to peddle him and he will always be ready and meet you at the gate.  We really like this laid back, friendly gelding.    He’s only 5 but has a lot of experience.  He’s sound and easy to handle.  Call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772 Video and more photos go to



 Poncho-   Here is one of the best-made, good-looking, honest draft crosses you will find.  He stands 16 hands, he’s built real well and he’s got the buckskin color that’s always a favorite.  This big easy going gelding will do whatever it is you want.  He rides nice and quiet.  , He will drive single or double.  He’s always going to be broke and gentle AND he’s always going to be buckskin.  Nice gelding that will be the same horse every day you saddle him up for a ride, take him for a drive or pull the kids around on a tube.  He’s one for the whole family to enjoy, one you can take hunting, trail riding or down the street in a parade.  He knows his leads, will move off your leg.  He’s a true gentleman and one you will always like.  He’s got his whole life in front of him and will be around for many many years to come.  Sound and very easy to like.  DON’T Miss on this guy!  Call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772 Video and more photos go to