Rooster 2014 Red Roan Quarter Horse. Really nice red roan gelding that turns heads. He's got all the flash in the world. He's 6 yrs old and 15 hands tall. This gelding has seen many long days in the saddle working doing all the ranch jobs, used for some long days on the mountain hunting. He saddles up the same way everyday, he goes anywhere you ask. Always ready to work or ride. Nice gelding to throw your leg over, head up the trail, go to work on the ranch or play in the arena. We really like Rooster, he's been rode by a variety of people and everyone gets along with him. He's a been there done it type- been used on a movie set, drug hundreds of calves, roped cows and will hold it when you rope it. Shoes good, stands all day, ride him alone or in a group, travels and hauls good and always been sound. Click HERE for more photos and video 




Ghost 2016 AQHA Gray Gelding. Ghost is a classy looking 15.1 hand gelding. He's a good one, this gelding has "been there done it" in his first 6 yrs. of life. He's been used for countless rides to the mountains, been used to gather cattle in the roughest of Utah's terrain, he'll go where you ask him to, he's good with his feet and knows how to get around. He's been used to shag bulls, doctor calves and knows what a days work is when needed. He'll chase them down and then turn around walk flat footed with his head down. He's been used for some filming and handled it all with class. This nice made gelding has many years left and is a willing gelding that wants to please. Rides well in the arena, lopes a nice circle, moves correct and looks good doing it. Rides off alone with no problem, wants to be a one person horse and make someone happy for a long time to come.  Click HERE for more photos and video



Bert 2015 Blue Roan Draft Cross. He's a 5 yr old that is cool and blue as they come. He's super fun, gentle and easy to ride. He's 14.3 hands, thick made and has lots and lots of look to him. Bert will head up the trail in front of the string or is happy in line. He's broke to ride and drive very well. He is easy to teach and super willing. He's good with tarps, bouncy balls and all that other stuff. No funny business. He'll pick up both leads, stops, backs up and will ride around quiet. Whoever gets this cool dude is going to love him. We love Bert and have had a blast with him. He's small enough for the vertically challenged but stout enough for those that need it. He's got his whole life ahead of him to make someone happy a long long time. He's been rode by kids, been used all over the mountains, good on trail and around the ranch doing jobs and he will drive down the road with no problems. He's sound, easy to handle, he's got great ground manners, respectful and safe. You will really like this nice made attractive gelding. Click HERE for more photos and video




Buckskin Bob is a 2014 AQHA reg gelding.  He's a good looking buckskin that stands 15 hands. He's the kind that will stay broke no matter how much or how little you ride him. Point him where you want and he'll go there for you. He crosses water, bogs, down fall, up the mountain or down a steep hill, he will go there. He'll chase a cow down in the pasture or in rough terrain and hold it while you doctor it, he'll ride on a loose rein and travels out good. Smooth trot, smooth lope and will ride around for you. He knows what work is and will ride all day if you need but will also ride quiet up the trail for a pleasure ride if you want. He's prime aged, willing and very sound. He's got good feet, good to shoe, saddle, haul, stands tied. Click HERE for more photos and video