These 4 horse will sell May 8th at the Cody Horse Sale in CODY, WYOMING

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Rio- 15.3 hands 1400 lbs He's Hip #8. He's as nice of a crossbred as we've ever offered. He rides correct, quiet and always gentle. He's got a willing personality, wants to please and will stay broke whether he's ridden once a day, once a week or once a month. He's got the gentle soul that draft crosses are known for but has a lot of feel and ride to him. He moves around extremely easy and free. He's one that most anyone will get along with. NO SPOOK and no surprises with this nice gelding. He's been ridden by kids, ridden English and western and will work great in the arena, out on the mountain and trail or on the ranch working. He stands roughly 16 hands, lots of shape and great feet. He's solid and one we will guarantee to please. Will pack a flag, shoot off him or ride him bareback. We really really like this good gelding.

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 Cimmaron-15.2 hands 1300 lbs He's Hip #29. Look at this big gentle made crossbred.  He’s got all the looks in the world.  One we have enjoyed working with and using on the trail, mountain and around cattle.  He’s gentle to ride and willing to go and do what you ask of him.  Good on the mountain, crosses water, downfall, goes where you point him.  No spook, No buck and No funny business.  Big boned, good feet, been x-rayed and is sound in every way.  He’s got a friendly meet you at the gate, wants to be loved on personality.  He’s been used on cows and doing ranch jobs.  He could go several different directions- he’s very trainable, sensible and wants to please.  Lopes big easy circles, rides like a qtr horse does, he’s got a good handle on him. He’s going to be around a very long time, take him to make him whatever it is you want- Eventing, Dressage, Fox hunting, ranch on or trail ride and hunt on.  This guy will go any direction.  He’s a draft cross we are proud to offer.  

Video and Photos of CIMMARON CLICK HERE

 Apache- 15.3 hands 1300 lbs. He's Hip #51. Nice flashy paint crossbred.  He’s stout made, easy to ride and as gentle as you can find one.  He’s been used for everything from ponying colts, pulling a cart, riding on the mountain and working some ranch jobs.  This good gelding has seen it and done it.  He’s gentle for any level rider, you can call him a husband safe horse, wife safe horse, hunting horse, dressage prospect or whatever your fancy.  He’s going to take care of his rider.  No spook, tarps, noise, traffic he’s seen it and handles everything in stride.  He’s one you can trust for the family to enjoy and ride. FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772.

Video and Photos of APACHE CLICK HERE


Abe- 2015 Friesian Draft Cross. He's Hip #69. This knock out gelding has all the looks- mane, tail that drags on the ground and a very classy look to him.  He’s smooth under saddle, rides English or western.  He lopes a pretty circle, side passes, back up all with ease, moves off leg and will neck rein.  Abe has been used to help scare people in our Sleepy Hollow production.  The Headless Horseman used him as one of his trusty mounts to chase wagons in the dark.  He’s been used around cattle, rides out on the trails alone or in a group.  He’s pulled a cart, hauls good, shoes good.  He’s a fun horse to ride.  Nice gelding with a lot of look.  

Video and Photos of ABE CLICK HERE