DUNIT SMART ROOSTER- 2016 AQHA BUCKSKIN GELDING. This fancy made buckskin is a good one. He comes from a great pedigree on top and bottom reining bred with some cowhorse in there.  He's gentle, he rides around like a broke horse should.  Ride him anyway you want anywhere you want and he will ride good for his rider. He's got alot of eye appeal, buckskin color and confirmation.  We've used Ritz everyway you can use a horse.  He's done all the ranch jobs, rides alone or in a group. He rides great in the arena- he'll pick up both leads easily, big stop, will move off your legs and neck rein.  Ride him bridless in a crowd if you want to.  He's cowy, used to sort and gather and has more potential working cows.  He's been roped on to doctor and tag calves and he's been branded on.  We've used Ritz on the mountain a ton.  He's good with his feet, crosses everything you ask of him.  He's got a sweet disposition and will always be ready for a pet or brushing.  He's sound, good to shoe, haul and stand tied.  We really like him and know he's going to make a family real happy to own this guy.  Beginner tested RMO approved!   Don't miss out on this good one!!!