Gracie- 2012 Dun Molly Mule.  She stands a solid 15.2 hands and put together really well.  She’s the best mule we’ve ever brought to the Salmon Sale.  She will ride around good, move off your leg, neck rein, has a good reverse, she will lope a pretty circle and walk out really well.  She’s good out on her own and great in a group.  A real “mule skinner” is going to like this one.  She’s good with her feet, she’s easy to groom (clipped her face and ears with just a halter around her neck).   We really like this fancy made mule and know she will take care of whoever gets her.  She’s quiet, patient and could get rode by any level rider.  We like her a bunch, super friendly, meet you at the gate and will stay quiet.  She’s seen it all with us and she’s sound with no vices.  Call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772. 

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