Harley is a fancy friesian sport horse that has done and is willing to do it all for you!  He’s quiet,  stays quiet, anyone can ride, and is just easy to get along with.  Harley has been used for all types of ranch work, to flat work, and trail riding.  He’s handy, not just pretty to look at!  Harley will ride alone or in a group, he’s eager to please and does what you ask.  He’s a nice moving horse that rides around smooth, with a nice lope, a nice trot and can really walk out.  Any lady wanting a dressage prospect would love this guy! Anyone wanting to go do a job will get along and like riding him too.  Ride him western or English, makes no difference to him!  We’ve used him for it all, he’s done parades, and was even used as a spook in a Halloween production we do! He Is Rock Solid!!