SOLD 32,500 Lucky Rey Cat 2017 Red Roan Gelding Style, this guy has it.  He can’t help but to be a cool cat.  He’s bred to perform, yet has a super quiet willing attitude with brains and talent.  He’s a red roan with chrome and will stand out on the mountain, in the pen or in the arena.  He stands just under 15 hands. Take this gelding and do whatever you want with him.  He’d be a great ranch versatility gelding, weekend play day horse, make him a top notch heel horse or if ya just want to ride one with class and style to make you look good, he’s the one.  He will suit anyone in the family from a youth to mom or dad.  He’s a highlight in the sale and one of our favorites. Everyone likes to ride Lucky Cat.  If you’re serious about a nice young gelding don’t let this good one slip by.  He can do all the moves you ask-  Nice turn around, nice stop, easy to lope and pick up leads both directions, will move off your leg and bridle up.  Ride him with twine around his neck if that’s all you have.  He will ride broke every single day you get on him.  Sound, good to clip, shoe, haul and good on the ground.   He’s a good one.  FMI call Alvin at 660-684-6974 or Joe at 801-361-6772. Click HERE to see more pics and video


SOLD 46,500 CP ZAN PARR JASPER-  Everyone likes a Palomino especially one as nice made, chromed up and broke like Jasper is.  This big stout 15.2 hand gelding is begging to be a rope horse, ranch horse or go for a trail ride.  He’s stout, rides with style, looks good doing it and is gentle.  He’s been used to do ranch jobs, he’ll pack a flag, he’s been used to doctor calves, turn back on, sort and work cows.  He’s awesome on the trail, will ride alone or go with the pack.  He’ll stand quiet in a crowd.  Saddle him up anytime, any place, anywhere and he’ll be the same horse as the last time you rode him.  This big gelding will take care of whoever climbs on his back and is going to get you noticed on the mountain top, in a parade or packing a flag in an arena if you choose.  Nice All Around Gelding that will fit a lot of people.  Easy to shoe, haul, load with good ground manners.  FMI call Alvin at 660-684-6974 or Joe at 801-361-6772. Click HERE to see more info, pics and video

SOLD 14,500 Sky 2018 Blue Roan Gypsy Pony Cross-   This is blue roan gentle gelding is 14 hands and gentle and quiet as you can make one. He’s been rode by kids his whole life.  He’s young but is a gentle easy going pony that kids can get along with or if you’re on the smaller size and don’t want a big one to step on, he’s able to pack a lighter adult rider.  He’s great on the trail, he’s a fun one to do the tricks with and will help a kid gain confidence.  He’s good with tarps, balls, laying and sitting down.  He’d be perfect for a ranch kid that wants to go ride with the adults to work cattle, he’s been roped on, goes and does whatever is asked of him.  He will be ridden by a 12 yr old girl at the Sale who has done all the training on him.  He’s a good one and he’s going to be around for years and years to come.  Did we mention he’s a blue roan?  He’s sound, good to shoe, clip, haul, load and great on the ground.  FMI call Alvin at 660-684-6974 or Joe at 801-361-6772. Click HERE to see more pics and videos

SOLD 30,000 Hesa Honey Badger 2012 AQHA Palomino Gelding- He’s a 15.2 big, stout, pretty and one anyone can ride. Saddle Badger up and go do whatever it is you want to do if its hauling to a jackpot to rope he’ll fit a 3-4 roper, if it’s a ranch job you need done he’ll do it, if you need one for a queen to pack a flag in a rodeo or parade he’ll do it OR if ya just want to go ride on the mountain he’s been there too.  Nice ALL AROUND gelding for a variety of needs.  He’s thick made, great feet and bone and will hold up as much as you need one to.  Gentle to be around, no surprises just saddle up and go ride.  He’s going to stand out in a crowd and will look good wherever he’s at.  He’s good to shoe, good to haul, good to stand and will make your life easy with a nice broke gelding like Badger is.  We like this horse a lot, he’s been in good hands and as a good easy personality to get along with.  FMI call Alvin at 660-684-6974 or Joe at 801-361-6772. Click HERE to see more pics and video