#12A  IMA Rushin Sun Frost- 2013 Palomino AQHA Gelding
15 hand tall weighs 1200 lbs  

Frosty is one colored up nice-looking gelding.  He’s 15 hands tall, tons of eye appeal, easy to get along with and one if you want to have fun riding on will make you happy.  He’s good minded, gentle and the same horse every day.  He’s got a lot of talent, he’s been started on the heading and heel side and would excel if someone wanted to finish him out as a rope horse.  He’s got a great handle, lopes around nice, big whoa and does it all correct.  If you want one to go get a job done, ranch on, work cows on or one you can just saddle up and enjoy a day riding here he is. Real nice gelding we are excited to offer.  FMI call Alvin at 660-684-6974 or Joe at 801-361-6772.        

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#39 Sampson 2015 Buckskin Draft Cross Gelding

16 hands 1400 lbs

Look at this big gentle made crossbred.  He’s got all the looks in the world.  One we have enjoyed working with and using on the trail, mountain and around cattle.  He’s gentle to ride and willing to go and do what you ask of him.  Big boned, good feet, been x-rayed and is sound in every way.  He’s got a friendly meet you at the gate, wants to be loved on personality.  He’s been used on cows and doing ranch jobs.  He could go a couple different directions- he’s very trainable, sensible and wants to please.  Lopes big easy circles, he’s got a good handle on him. He’s going to be around a very long time, take him to make him whatever it is you want- Eventing, Dressage, Fox hunting, Pick up or Ranch on or Trail ride and hunt on.  This guy will go any direction.  We’ve always had a good draft cross in the sale and this is one is no exception and we are proud to offer.  FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772 Alvin at 660-684-6974

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 #60 Bentley 2016 Buckskin AQHA Gelding

15 hands tall  and weighs 1200 lbs

Bentley he’s stout, great confirmation and as correct made as you’ll ever find.  He’s the one that will check all the boxes.  We wanted to bring the best to the Heber Valley Horse Sale and this one we are proud to offer. If you were to describe a horse you’ve always wanted, Bentley will fit the bill.  He’s a buckskin, he’s GENTLE every single day, quiet, friendly, he’s going to take care of his rider no matter the situation.  You can take this fine made gelding up the mountain alone or in a group.  He will ride nice in the arena, picks up his leads, stops good, handles great.  Ride him bareback with just twine around his neck, saddle him up on a cold morning and he’ll ride off the same every day.  Make your dream come true with this nice nice gelding.  He’s just a little different than a lot of them.  FMI call Alvin at 660-684-6974 or Joe at 801-361-6772. 

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#76 LF King Snicker Bar- 2016 Gray AQHA Gelding

15.1 hands tall weighs 1250 lbs

Smokey is a dark dappled, good looking gray gelding that’s got all the shape you can find on a horse.  He’s one we’re excited to bring to the Heber Valley Horse Sale.  He’s gentle every day, very easy to get along with and good to look at.  He’s one you can take up the trail with confidence, cross water, downfall, will ride on a loose rein.  He’s good in the arena, will lope collected circles, pick up both leads and easy to work with.  He trailers good, stands for the ferrier and just a nice one to have around. He’s got his whole life in front of him and is a horse anyone would be proud to own, we’re proud to offer him to you.  He’s going to make someone real happy.  FMI call Alvin at 660-684-6974 or Joe at 801-361-6772.  

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#92 Cowboy 13.3 6 yr old qtr pony gelding. 

He’s a nice sized shapey little qtr pony that stands 13.3 hands tall.  He’s gentle for the children to ride and big enough for a smaller adult to enjoy.  He looks good in the arena, lopes slow collected circles, stops good and is always the same horse.  He’s been used to pen back cattle, roped the dummy and donkey by an 8 yr old.  He’s a nice little gelding for the whole family.  He will trailer, shoe and stand well.

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