CP ZAN PARR JASPER-  Everyone likes a Palomino especially one as nice made, chromed up and broke like Jasper is.  This big stout 15.2 hand gelding is begging to be a rope horse, ranch horse or go for a trail ride.  He’s stout, rides with style, looks good doing it and is gentle.  He’s been used to do ranch jobs, he’ll pack a flag, he’s been used to doctor calves, turn back on, sort and work cows.  He’s awesome on the trail, will ride alone or go with the pack.  He’ll stand quiet in a crowd.  Saddle him up anytime, any place, anywhere and he’ll be the same horse as the last time you rode him.  This big gelding will take care of whoever climbs on his back and is going to get you noticed on the mountain top, in a parade or packing a flag in an arena if you choose.  Nice All Around Gelding that will fit a lot of people.  Easy to shoe, haul, load with good ground manners.  FMI call Alvin at 660-684-6974 or Joe at 801-361-6772.