TRAVIS OF TITAN D (aka Junior): 15'3 Hand 2014  Friesian Heritage Horse and Sporthorse International Gelding: Junior- 2015 15.3 1200 lbs. Friesian Cross Gelding-He’s all class, has the look and build of a sport horse and will excel in anything you want to do with him. He’s GENTLE enough for anyone to ride. Kids have rode him and those with riding experience that don’t want to worry, just relax and want to enjoy a good ride will love him. He rides around smooth- great transitions, smooth lope, extended trot, nice mover. He’s classy with a lot of presence to him. Conformation, look and a very willing attitude make Junior one that anyone would enjoy having in their barn or program. He’s seen miles of trail with deer, moose, elk and other wildlife. He’s been in traffic and will even pull a cart if ya want to go for drive on a Sunday or put him in a parade. No spook, No buck, No surprises. He’s seen it all, done things a lot of horses are never asked to do. He’s been used in parade last summer, we used him last Fall in our Sleepy Hollow production and was a star, he handled the screaming people and dark nights with confidence. He looks real good under an English saddle, rides western and would excel in whatever you want to do. We love this gelding he’s got loads of potential and one of the easiest Friesian crosses we’ve ever started. If you’ve wanted a Friesian cross with a gentle quiet attitude and a lot of look here he is. He comes with a breeding certificate and papers to register him with the Friesian Sport Horse Registry.