Maromac Made for Me- 2015 15 hands 1100 lbs AQHA buckskin gelding

Mac is as good as they come.  He’s gentle, he’s a gentleman and he’s got an old sole about him.  Mac has been in good hands since day one.  He rides like a horse twice his age and has the most quiet laid back personality you would want in a horse.  He’s gentle as he needs to be and will ride gentle every day you saddle him.  Ages 8-80 can enjoy time in the saddle on this nice gelding.  You can ride him bareback, double, halter or with twine around his neck, he doesn’t care.  You can shoot a gun off his back, drag tarps and all the other dumb tricks in the books but the best part about him is he’s broke and he’ll stay broke.  You can saddle him up on a cold morning and hit the mountain and he’ll ride with his head down where it should and he’ll go where you point him, he’ll cross logs, downfall and know where his feet need to be.  He’ll work when you need him to, stay quiet and stand when you need him to.  He’ll ride good in the arena and would make a great queen horse, 4H Horse or ranch versatility horse.  He’ll pick up both leads, move off of leg, lope around correct and handle like one’s supposed to.  He’s rock solid on the trail- no spook or funny business.  You can even throw an English saddle on him if you want and take him a different direction. Mac is sound, easy to handle, shoes good, stands all day if he needs to.