SOLD HIGH SELLER for 27,000 Maximus-  2009 Friesian Draft Cross This is a little different horse.  He stands 16.3 hands and weighs 1600 lbs.  No maintenance needed and sells 100 % sound.  He’s broke for level Dressage, if you want to ride English but he’s been packing us around in a western saddle.  He’s seen cows, had a rope swung on him and even shot off of him.  He’s got a puppy dog personality, he’s super laid back but willing to do what you ask.  He can go any direction you want- western dressage, cool trail horse, use him for your bigger friends that come to visit.  Clips, Shoes, Bathes and Travels good.  He’s safe, easy to ride and pretty to look at.  Call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772 for questions.  Video located below photos