Pat Garrett 2010 Draft Cross Gelding-  This guy is thick made, will hold up to a hard days ride and be ready to ride again the next day.  He's gentle, good for most anyone to ride.  He's a solid 15.2 hands and 1450 lbs.  Good on the mountain, will go where you point him over logs, through water, in the dark.  He's a good one for someone who needs one that will pack a few extra pounds but quiet enough for a first timer.  He's got flash, size and looks for sure.  PG has been used around cattle, roped on, hunted on and moves good for a big horse.  He will lope a circle, stop, back and handle like a quarter horse.  He's sound and will not break down with all the bone he's got.  FMI call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772  Video below photos