Prime is a 7 yr old Percheron Crossbred. 16 hands and 1500 lbs

Information:  He's got it all- color, size and looks. Better than that he has the most willing disposition you will find. He will saddle up and ride every day if you need or once a month. He's an all around horse- Use him as a trail horse, ranch horse, pull a sleigh or buggy. It doesn't matter this horse will do any job you give him. Big or small he doesn't care who is on his back. He will ride gentle for most any rider. This one is guaranteed to like. Take him to hunting camp, make him a pick up horse or using horse, he is more than just a plug but something you will like to ride. He will lead a string or fall in line if you need to throw a dude on his back. He's just in the prime of his life and has many many years of work ahead of him.

For questions please call Joe at 801-361-6772.