Bruce- 2012 16 hand buckskin draft cross.

This big athletic gelding can get around like a small horse, fun to ride, good to ride any day of the week, ride alone, on the mountain or wherever you want to go. He’s smooth to ride, athletic and will make someone real happy when they own him. No buck, no spook and one you’ll always look good on. Use him on the ranch, the trail for pleasure, make him your next dressage or hunter project. He’s got lots of flash, color and guaranteed

Chip- 2012 black 14.2 hand gelding.

He’s as cute as a button, he’s an awesome little trail horse that travels good, always good on the trail. He’s also been used to gather on, brand on and will certainly stay broke. He’s good in front of the line, in the middle or out on his own. He’s sound, good size for those that don’t need a big horse.