These 4 geldings are selling Feb 13th in the SMB Horse Sale



TRAVIS OF TITAN D (aka Junior): 15'3 Hand 2014  Friesian Heritage Horse and Sporthorse International Gelding:-He’s all class, has the look and build of a sport horse and will excel in anything you want to do with him. He’s GENTLE enough for anyone to ride. Kids have rode him and those with riding experience that don’t want to worry, just relax and want to enjoy a good ride will love him. He rides around smooth- great transitions, smooth lope, extended trot, nice mover. He’s classy with a lot of presence to him. Conformation, look and a very willing attitude make Junior one that anyone would enjoy having in their barn or program. He’s seen miles of trail with deer, moose, elk and other wildlife. He’s been in traffic and will even pull a cart if ya want to go for drive on a Sunday or put him in a parade. No spook, No buck, No surprises. He’s seen it all, done things a lot of horses are never asked to do. He’s been used in parade last summer, we used him last Fall in our Sleepy Hollow production and was a star, he handled the screaming people and dark nights with confidence. He looks real good under an English saddle, rides western and would excel in whatever you want to do. We love this gelding he’s got loads of potential and one of the easiest Friesian crosses we’ve ever started. If you’ve wanted a Friesian cross with a gentle quiet attitude and a lot of look here he is.  For more pics and video click HERE


POCOS CURIOUS GUY (aka Snip) : 15'1 Hand 2010 AQHA Gelding Snip is a just a nice solid "been there done it" type. He's gentle, easy to ride, great on the mountain and trail, he's done all the ranch jobs and will stay quiet and broke. You can ride him every day or once a month and he'll be the same horse. He's one you can shoot around, drag a tarp, sit down or just go for nice ride with friends or out alone. He's been with us for over a year and been the same horse since we got him. He'll lope circles in the arena and pick up his leads, stop and back up. Nice easy horse to ride and he's even pulled a cart. Good horse that is going to fit a lot of people. He's sound, current on dental, worming, shots and is good to shoe, load, haul. Click HERE to see more photos and video



PLH BLUE CHROME (aka Freckles): 15 Hand 2010 AQHA Gelding: Freckles is a good one. He\'s been with us three plus years and has done it all from deep dark canyons hunting, to gathering cattle off the desert in the coldest of temps and used for everything in between. He's great to work cows on, sorting in the pen, doctoring and more. He'll get where he needs to but will ride and stand quiet when asked. Great on the mountain, he's tough, willing and can keep a steady walk all day long. No hump or buck or spook. He's a "been there done it" gelding and we've loved having him on our place as long as we have. He's been nothing but good. He's one you can throw a saddle on when needed and get something done, I'd say his only hole is that he's not been rode in the arena a whole bunch (that would be my fault, I hate the arena). He will lope a circle, pick up his leads and ride quiet. We love the way he can walk out on the mountain, drop your reins and let him travel. He's seen it all. Nice gelding that will fit a lot of people. Sound, Good to shoe, trailers good and stands good.  Click HERE to see more photos and video.



FQHR KINO: 15'1 Hand 2012 AQHA Gelding: Here is one nice gelding. He's gentle, easy to ride and will ride around quiet. He's nice by himself, good on the trail and will ride nice in the arena. He's got a nice lope, moves off pressure, neck reins and will take care of his rider. No funny business, saddle him up any day of the week or once a month and go ride. He's been all over the mountains, goes where you ask, willing to try new things. Ride him bareback in a halter if you'd like or take him swimming. He's been used for all the ranch jobs and is a gelding you'll like to ride. He makes it easy. Solid, Sound and very Sane. He's got it all- stout made, colored up and built to last. He's good to shoe, trailer, tie and is nice around other horses. Click HERE to see more photos and video