SOLD- Reserve High Seller Castlewood Soot aka “Scotch”-  2009 AQHA Palomino Gelding Pretty Pretty and he’s a Palomino and Gentle!  This 14.3 hand palomino gelding is thick made, broke to use anyway you want. He’s great on the trail, looks good in the arena and will do whatever you ask.  He can carry a flag,  used for lessons, and rides with style.  He’s one the whole family can enjoy.  Take him to 4H, carry the flag in the rodeo, use him on the ranch or take him for a good trail ride or hunting.  He’s an all around good one.  Big stop and will turn around, moves off your leg and neck reins.  He’s one to be proud to own. Prime aged, Sound, Clean and easy to be around.   He’s been one of the favorites on our place the last couple years.  FMI call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772. Click HERE to see more photos and video

 Sold- High Seller Sugar Dandy aka “Dandy”-  2010 AQHA Dun Gelding Here is one of a kind that very few have ever owned and very few will ever ride.  He’s an 8 yr old gelding that anyone can ride.  He will not buck, kick, bite, rear.  He can be turned out for months and fed fat and will be the same horse when you saddle him up.  He’s an NRHA money earner. He’s broke as broke can be, will spin like top and stop hard. He is a pretty loper that never lifts his head over the saddle horn.  This gelding is sound and sane and rides in any bridle.  Ages 8-80 can ride this guy.  He’s been used to doctor cattle, turned back on in the cutting pen and roped colts on him.  He’s a really nice gelding standing a solid 15 hands and weighs 1250 lbs.  He’s thick, built to last and pretty as they come.  A big kind eyed gelding that wants to please.  They don’t make this kinda gelding everyday.  Guaranteed Sound, easy to load, haul, shoe and super quiet on the ground.  Come check him out you will like him.  FMI call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772. Click HERE to see more photos and video

 Sold- Reserve High Seller BL Blue Chrome aka “Prophet”- 2010 AQHA Gray Gelding Big pretty dapple gray 16.2 hand gelding that is GENTLE, he’s has been one of our go to horses, we have logged many many miles riding, hunting on and gathering cattle with.  He’s athletic, he’s got style, he’s broke and he’s one good son of a gun.  Prophet will get you where you need to go. He rides off on a loose rein, drops his head and goes.  He’s got a great handle, will neck rein, move off your leg and get to where you want to.  He’s been roped on, knows what a days work is and used like a broke horse should be.  Lay him off and he will be the same horse when you saddle him up the next time.  If you don’t ride western this is one that would do well at the Fox Hunting, Dressage or whatever else your fancy.  He’s the kind that will take care of his rider and make you happy to get on each day.  He’s sound and will hold up a longtime with all the foot and bone he has.  FMI call Mike at 801-735-2912or Joe at 801-361-6772. Click HERE to see more photos and video 

 SOLD Bridger- 2011 Bay Qtr Horse Gelding Good looking, Stout made, Honest Broke Gelding.  He’s gentle, willing and will handle all levels of riders on his back.  He’s been used for trail riding, hunted on, gathered cattle, doctored calves and all other ranch jobs.  He’s one most anyone could climb on and ride, no buck or spook.  He loves water, crosses dead fall, will pull anything you want from calves to the fire, wakeboarders up the river or anything else you might think of.  He rides good, goes where you ask, no fight just a willing good gelding.  He’s a solid made 15.1 hand classy made gelding, big hip, big boned and great feet.  If you need one for the whole family to use then this is your guy.  He’s prime aged and ready to make someone real happy. FMI call Mike at 801-735-2912or Joe at 801-361-6772.  Click HERE to see more photos and video

 SOLD Mo- 2010 Brown John Mule  This is “one of a kind”  15.1 hand john mule rides around really nice.  He’s “been there done it”- packed game, packed dudes, rides in line or in front with no problems.  He’s one that will ride off on his own, goes over logs, rocks, through water and doesn’t hesitate doing it.  He’s easy to please, meets you at the gate, gets along well with horses and dogs and will STAY BROKE.  He’s one that can get laid off for a month or more at a time and will saddle up the same every time with no funny business.  He is easy to clip, shoe, travels and hauls good.  Mo has seen cattle, will lope a pretty circle and ride low headed.  Can’t say enough about this good lookin dude.  He’s good for a beginner rider or a seasoned mule skinner.  We like this guy and will miss him around our place.  FMI call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772. Click HERE to see more photos and video.