SALMON SELECT SALE APRIL 9th and 10th.  Online bidding available if unable to attend the Sale. 

#7 Osualdo Smart Little Lena 2009 AQHA Bay Gelding-  Oswald is a cute nice made gelding, he’s an easy to ride, gentle, cow horse type gelding.  He stands just over 14 hands, he’s got chrome and he’s a solid been there done it gelding.  He great on the trail or mountain, he’s good for ranch work, sorting cows, doctoring calves, branding, he’s done all of it.  He’ll get to where you want to go and won’t quit you.  If you are in search for a nice little gelding for those more vertically challenged Oswald is your guy.  

 He’s bred up really well and will know how to ride around.  Double bred Smart Little Lena, Grandson of Smart Chic Olena.  He will ride around, pick up his leads, stop and turn around for you.  We’ve had this guy on our place for awhile and he’s never let us down. He came from an older lady that had to give up riding a couple years back and we’ve enjoyed using this horse.  He’ll stay broke and doesn’t have to be ridden every day, he’s ready to go when you are.  Trailers, Shoes, Stands and good on the ground.  FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772. click Here for more oics and video

#24  Rockin Gold Chex 2013 AQHA Buckskin Gelding- Tuff is a good looking 15.3 colored up broke buckskin gelding.  He’s big and gentle, he loves attention and has a big kind soft eye that fits his personality to a T.  He’s been used for ranch work, roped on, rides good up the trail, he rides around correct in the arena.  He’s built right, looks good everyday of the week and is just a pleasure to have around.  No fuss, no issues just get on and ride.  He’s got size with good feet and bone.  This big easy going guy is the kind we all want around our place.  You can saddle him up with confidence hop on and go for a ride.  He’s worked cows, branded on, roped on, doctored on He’s just as solid outside or inside.  He will neck rein, move off pressure, picks up his leads, easy lope, will stop and ride around nice.  Good at all gaits- walk trot and lope.  You can turn him out to pasture and know you can catch him anytime anywhere or he’s good in a stall. He’s just getting into the prime of his life.  This nice big gelding will make anyone a happy horse owner.  He’s sound, easy on the ground, good to trailer, haul, stand, no funny business with this good gelding.  FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772 click HERE for more pics and video

#40A Mufasa Drift JW 2017 Buckskin Gelding-  We call him Walter.  He’s a Rockstar!  He stands 15.3 and is that good buckskin color everyone likes.  Four high black socks and as gentle as you can make one.  HE’s been with us since a two year old and has been one of those quiet easy to work with geldings.  He’s seen a ton of outside miles working and checking cows.  He’s been roped on, branded on, he knows what a long day is but doesn’t need to be rode everyday.  He’s young but will stay quiet if you leave him be or kick him out.  Walter can ride around, pick up his leads, easy trot and good handle.  He’s going to go where you ask and do it without a fight.  His future is bright and he’s got the right attiude that anyone will be able get on and get along with this guy.  He’s another stand out for sure and will be one worth adding to your herd.  Good feet, nice made, easy to work with, stands good, loads good, shoes good.  Not a lot you can fault this good gelding for.  We really like him.  FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772. click HERE for more pics and video

#58 Royal Golden Paycheck (Remi) 2017 AQHA Buckskin Gelding 15.1 hands, nice made, stout and real easy to get along with. He’s gentle, will ride around correct, walk, trot, lope. He’s been used on cows, travels good on the trail and correct in the arena. He’s good with tarps, bouncy ball and flag, rope and all the other stuff. Rides well on the trail and mountain, used for all the ranch jobs and been out tagging and doctoring calves. He’s got a lot of ability- neck rein, good stop, side pass, pick up both leads and could go on any direction the family wants to go with him. Gentle, Honest, No stupid or funny business. FMI call Joe at (801) 361-6772 Click HERE for more info, pics and video