Sky- 2012 Palomino Draft Cross-   He stands all of 16.3 hands and and is an athletic big horse with a big kind eye and gentle attitude.  He's got a little different look to him with that dirty palomino color.  He's confident on the trail, will ride alone with no problem.  He's been in the most rugged of terrain in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and in the red rocks of southern Utah.  He goes where you point him, crosses water, through downfall and will saddle up on a cold morning and head out of camp with no concern.   He's been used to gather cattle, drug calves to the fire, rides great on the mountain and will look good in an arena.  We've used this big stout guy everywhere.  He rides quiet and gentle, he's been ridden by a 12 yr old girl and will wake up and work if you need him to.  He's got a very clean set of X rays and is guaranteed sound.  Easy to shoe, load and haul.   FMI call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772.  Video below pictures