RMO's Next Big Splash. He's #23 in the Cody Horse Sale. BIG AND GENTLE. There is no better way to describe this big handsome gelding. He’s a 2016 model, making him almost 6 yr old. He stands 16.2 hands tall and weighs 1450 lbs. He’s a unique gelding with a lot of quality and substance to him - he’s definitely got a lot of WOW to him. He will ride quiet and easy for anyone that wants to sit him and ride. We trust this horse like no other, he’s gentle, he likes attention, he’s good on the ground, will come to you in a pasture. We’ve put him through everything we can in our program and he is well trained to ride and well trained to drive. He’s great out on the mountain, no spook or surprises, rides good anywhere you take him - through water, downfall or off trail. He rides great in the arena and has a very smooth lope and trot for a big horse. He’s been ridden English and would make an excellent dressage prospect, eventer or even a Fox hunter. He’s good on the ranch, we’ve used him to rope cows, brand on, gather on the mountain and sort in the pen. Nothing will surprise this horse. He’ll pull a sleigh or carriage for you and looks pretty fancy doing it. Splash is well rounded, he really can and does about everything you could ever want him to and he will certainly stand out with color and all the hair he sports. We’ve used him everywhere and anyway you can imagine and so far he’s never let us down. He’s been on the road, he’s traffic safe, hitch him up alone if you have to and take him for a sleigh ride or evening carriage ride. He’s been ridden in parades and used to carry the flag for the national anthem. Nothing makes this big guy nervous. There are so many things you can do with him, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of owning him. He's sound, good to shoe, haul and clip. FMI please call Joe Loveridge at 801-361-6772. I would love to answer and any questions you might have.