Tiny- 2012 Friesian Sport Horse

 Tiny is a 16.2 fancy looking registered Friesian Sport Horse.  This big gentle giant is solid, thick made with good conformation, solid feet and all the look in the world.  He is gentle, will ride the same everytime you get him out, ride off on a loose rein.  He's been on many trail rides, will lope a circle, is easy to handle and doesn't spook.  He has seen traffic, dogs, pushed cattle, been flagged on, there isn't much he hasnt seen.  If you need a big horse to pack you, gear or to hunt on- this is your guy.  We come from a cowboy back ground but have no doubt this guy could excel in the western dressage world and other disciplines.  He wants to be laid back and easy going, he gets along with other horses, rides out alone, meet you at the gate.  Nice big solid gelding that most anyone will be able to get along with.  For more info click HERE.  For questions call Joe at 801-361-6772.