Trigger 2018 Gypsy/Qtr Pony Cross.  Hip #2 in the Cody Horse Sale Here is the definition of cute. If you’ve got a small child wanting to have a positive experience around horses, here is your pony. He stands 12.2 hands, palomino, he’s as cute of a pony as you’ll find. He’ll ride the trail, he’ll ride through obstacles, he’ll ride in the arena, pull a cart, lay down if asked, and look cute all day long. He’s even been roped on by Freeman, his 9 yr old trainer. Having been used by all ages of kids, Trigger can be ridden by any child that can sit in a saddle. He's laid back, won’t take off on a kid, but he will ride when you ask him to. Perfect pony for the newbies to horseback riding. Easy to catch, easy to handle, incredible ground manners, stands all day if needed. He’s sound with no issues, he’s gonna be around for years to come. FMI call at 801-361-6772