2010 Buckskin Dun Qtr Draft Gelding

This gelding is got all the foot and bone you’d want on a horse. He’s got color, cool dun strip and tiger markings on his legs. He’s 15.2 hands, soggy made and built like a tank weighing approx. 1300 lbs. He’s soft and moves smooth for a stout horse. He will lope a nice circle, stops hard and will handle like one should. He’s the type of horse we all want at our place, one you can go grab when you need, doesn’t need to be rode everyday. He’s been ranched on, roped on and will pull whatever you rope. He’s perfect if you are looking for a horse to take to the mountains, he’ll pack whoever climbs up on his back and can hold up to a hard days work- hunting, ranching or just trail riding. He’s sound and good to ride. Please contact Mike Savio at 801-735-2912 or Joe Loveridge at 801-361-6772