Two Bits- 2011 Black 12.2 hand pony


If you’ve ever wanted to make your little cowgirl or cowboy happy here ya go.  Christmas is right around the corner and this awesome little guy is ready to find a new home.   He’s done his job with us and is ready to make another family happy to have him.  Our daughter and her friends have enjoyed him on the trail and in the arena, they can saddle him alone and have learned a lot on this little guy.  He’s broke!!!  He’s done all the jobs the big horses have done in a small size body.  He’s got a lot of bone for his size, he’ll hold up to whatever you want to do- whether its jumping over things, loping around the arena, taking trail rides, pushing and sorting cattle he’s ready and willing to do whatever it is your family wants.  He’ll ride with style under an English saddle with no problems or put your cowboy hat on and go chase a cow.  He’s good doing whatever it is you want.  He’s going to keep up with the full-size horses and will do and go where his rider asks without a fight.   He’s got no spook, shoot off him, cover him in a tarp, ride him bare back or finish him out as a jumping pony or roping pony.  He’s in his prime and has many good years left in him to continue making dreams come true.  He’s easy to shoe, easy to haul, easy to catch.  This guy likes attention.  He will ride bareback if you want and lay down if you ask him to.