Slim 2012 Paint Draft Cross

He's a double dose of gentle and broke.  He stands 15.2, built like a tank, stout, strong and sound.  He’s big enough to pack a big man and quiet enough for a kid to ride.  He lopes good circles, smooth for a big horse, has a nice neck rein, packs, work cattle on him, ride the roughest terrain.  He will go where you ask him, crosses water, logs and any other obstacle you want to throw at him.  He’s done all the ranch jobs you can throw at him.  He loves attention and will come to you wherever you are.  He’s got lots of look and flash.  Ride him double, bareback or take a swim with him.  He’s the perfect size cross, not too tall and easy to get on.  FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772.  Don’t miss out on one of this year’s high lights anywhere.  Click HERE to see more photos and video 



Blazer 2014 Qtr Horse Gelding

Nice broke gentle all around good one.  He’s 6 yrs old, 15.1 hands, good feet and sound.  He’s been used for ranch work, used to hunt on, used for trail rides, he’ll ride alone great, ride in a group.  He travels nice and can cover the ground at a steady walk.  He’ll lope around nice and smooth in the arena.  Most anyone can hop on him and head up the trail or ride in the arena.  He’s done all the ranch jobs and will work when you need him to or will take a nice pleasure ride if that’s what you want to do.  Click HERE to see more photos and video