Consigned to the Southern Belle Classic Sale March 24-25th in South Carolina

 R M O  B L U E  B A L O U  2017 Blue Roan Draft Gelding. WOW! You can’t make them any more Blue and you can’t make them any more handsome than this big upstanding gentle gelding. Balou is 16.1 hands tall, weighs about 1400 lbs with size 4 shoes and has all the “it” factor to go with him. This big fella is one of a kind and one we are very proud to offer. He’s one that has excelled through our program and taken it all in stride. He’s seen it, he’s done it and he’s just a pleasure to be around, saddle up and ride. This big guy will be gentle every day you saddle him up, no funny business under saddle. He is good with traffic, he is good with dogs, he is good on the trail or in a group. Balou likes attention, he loves to be brushed, groomed, washed and to be pampered. He is the same horse every time we pull him out of a stall or pasture to go for a ride. He’s got a nice quiet way out on the mountain or working on the ranch. He’s great around cattle, will always get you noticed in a herd, on the trail or in the arena. He rides around easy and correct in the arena. He’s got a big easy lope, a nice trot and walk. He has a good handle, is athletic enough he could make a nice dressage or western dressage horse. He can side pass with style and ease, good whoa and stop, will pick up his leads easily. You can match this boy up with the best of them, he’s going to stand out with his eye popping good looks, lots of mane and tail. He was blessed with good looks that’s for sure. Balou has been used for lots of trail riding. He’s rock solid on the mountain, he will really watch where he’s going and where his feet are, he can go down the steep terrain safe and easy. He will cross the deepest rivers or small streams without hesitation. Crosses logs, down fall and has no issue breaking trail and leading the string wherever you want to go. This big guy will work good for most riders, he wants to please, has more whoa than go but will step it up when he needs to work. We really like this blue handsome gentleman of a horse. He will ride to whatever level he needs, he rides with confidence and has a real nice way about him. He will shoe, clip, wash, load and trailer great. FMI on Balou give me a call at 801-361-6772