About Us


RMO Horses came about after years of combined experience in the outfitting/hunting/dude business and ranching. Our horses get exposed to countless miles of trail riding, mountain riding and hunting with combined experiences gathering and pushing cattle. We spend every day of our lives in the saddle and there is no better way to get a horse broke and exposed to different things than to actually use them. They aren't over weight pasture ornaments or horses that sit in box stalls to get short haired and look shiny. There's nothing wrong with that if thats what you want but you won't find that in our string. These horses are in their work clothes everyday of the week. We use them, we ride them and they get free choice feed all day every day when they aren't working.

We have a unique ability to expose horses to almost everything which makes for a well rounded gelding.

Our home is on the mountains, outfitting, cowboying and riding in some of the most extreme conditions and exposing horses to what a mountain is. They get used and will see alot on the rides they make into the back country. We believe in getting a horse broke on the mountain, using their feet, brains and figuring out where and how to move around. Whether you want a performance horse prospect looking to rope, a horse for your daughter to queen on or a steady trail horse we have a variety of horses for all levels.

Like people, horses have different talents- some are better suited to do ranch work while others are better off to do pleasure/trail rides. Some like the big lights and big stages and want to look good in the arena and some would rather be out on the mountain in stormy weather doing a job. We aren't going to try make chicken soup out of brocolli and it's the samething with horses. We will be straight up and tell you if a horse will fit your needs or it won't. We want you to go away feeling like we undersold a horse instead of over selling a horse. We want you to find what you are looking for. If we don't have what you do at the time we do know enough people in the horse world we might be able to point you in the right direction to find what you are looking for.

We do get asked if we sell our horses privately and yes we do. At the same time we do enjoy getting out and going to horse sales, its good to get together with friends and horse people and see what other horses are out there. Once we consign a horse to a sale we will not pull it or scratch it, we owe it to the Sale to bring that horse. They put in alot of time and money to advertise and promote our horses when we consign them and we made an agreement the day we consigned them. Every sale we go to is set up to take phone bids and you are more than welcome to come try our horses out before they ever go to a Sale.

We look forward to meeting new people all the time and we enjoy helping people find "good honest horses". We enjoy making horses better and spending time in the saddle. Give us a call or send us an email if you are in the market for a new horse we might have what you are looking for.