Cowboy- He’s a 2012 model- he’s got that cool dun roan color to him, lots of mane and tail better than that this is a gelding that can do multiple jobs- he’s a good ranch horse, he’s solid on the trail anytime anywhere, he’s good in the arena.  If you’ve got cattle to sort or gather get on this guy, he’s got a nice ground-covering walk and will ride off on a loose rein with his head down.  If you ‘ve got one you want to head to town on to buy a drink he’ll ride in traffic with no spook.  If you want to take him a steep trail in the dark he’ll take care of whoever is on his back.  Good Honest Gelding that is sound, good to shoe and load.  For questions call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772.