SOLD HIGH SELLER 27,000 Dandy Sugar Dandy aka “Dandy”-  2010 AQHA Gray Gelding

Here is one of a kind that very few have ever owned and very few will ever ride.  He’s an 8 yr old gelding that anyone can ride.  He will not buck, kick, bite, rear.  He can be turned out for months and fed fat and will be the same horse when you saddle him up.  He’s broke as broke can be, will spin like top and stop hard. He is a pretty loper that never lifts his head over the saddle horn.  This gelding is sound and sane and rides in any bridle.  Ages 8-80 can ride this guy.  He’s been used to doctor cattle, turned back on in the cutting pen and roped colts on him.  He’s a really nice gelding standing a solid 15 hands and weighs 1250 lbs.  He’s thick, built to last and pretty as they come.  A big kind eyed gelding that wants to please.  They don’t make this kinda gelding everyday.  Guaranteed Sound, easy to load, haul, shoe and super quiet on the ground.  Come check him out you will like him.  FMI call Mike at 801-735-2912 or Joe at 801-361-6772.  VIDEO IS LOCATED BELOW