You want a horse that will go where you point him, ride quiet and safe, one you can relax on while on the trail here is your horse.  He’s rock solid on the trail and mountain, crosses down fall, water, swamps, wherever you want to go, he’ll go there for you.  You can ride him every day, once a month or once a year.  He’s going to be the same horse as when you turned him out.  He’s had all level riders on his back.  He’s got a nice handle, he’ll back up, whoa when you ask, smooth trot and can lope a good circle.  He’s seen it all on the mountain and won’t spook out from under anyone.   He’s also broke to drive if ya need to hitch him up he’s ready for that too.  Morgan is a solid made, solid minded gelding that will ride quiet and take care of his rider.  Sound, Good to Shoe, Haul, Great ground manners and will make the whole family happy.