Woodrow 2018 Gray 15 hand draft cross gelding. 

We love Woodrow.  He’s a 15 hand stout made draft cross gelding that has a sweet personality.  He’s an easy one to like. Since the first days of working with him as a colt to today he’s been nothing but a gentleman. Woodrow is honest, he’s safe for most anyone to get up on and ride.   He will saddle up and ride the same every time you pull him out of the pen or pasture. He has a nice quiet disposition and very willing attitude. He’s been on the trail- we’ve taken him all over the rough country here near Heber Valley.  He will go where you point him- water, logs, rivers, over it or through it, it won’t matter.  He rides well in the arena you can pull out all the tricks on this guy.  He lopes around quiet and easy with a low headset and smooth slow lope.  Bareback, Double or Triple Riders, Tarps, Bridle-less, Stand on his back, slide off his back end- he’s good with it all.  You can do all the dumb tricks you want and he’ll be steady as a rock for you to have your fun on.  We love Woodrow, he’ll make a family real happy owning a nice gelding like this guy.