Consigned to the Fall Round Up Horse Sale on Oct 14th

Jag is a registered 10 year old "been there done it" AQHA gelding that stands 15.1 hands high and as thick as a Mack truck. He is one solid, fun loving horse that is here to make someone very happy. He has experience in the show pen as a reiner and is an awesome trail partner as well. He loves attention, and he loves to give you his all with whatever you ask. Jag is a great minded horse that you can let sit or feel free to ride him out every day and he does not get sour at all and will be the same each time you get on his back. He loves to do a challenge and will put his all into it no matter what you ask him to do. Jag is not only an outstanding trail horse that watches where he puts his feet he is also a fantastic low level reining horse that has seen the inside of a show ring many times and does not get fussy at all. We have ridden him everywhere and he does not mind if you are going out alone, or if you go together with a group. You can lead or follow with him and he will be happy doing it. He is a very athletic horse that has three smooth, easy to ride gaits. He will suck it back for a jog, or you can ask him to extend it out for a great working trot. He is easy to ride and anyone of any level will love sitting on his back. He has gone through all different types of terrain and travels very well on the trail. If you want to take him to the show pen on Saturday and then take it easy on the trail on Sunday, Grant will give you his all no matter where you take him, what you ask of him, and what you teach him. He is not a spooky horse and will settle into any new place with ease. He loads well, shoes well, washes and stands tied.  He's got an old scar on his back left foot that's been there and caused him zero soundness issues.  It runs through his coronet band into his hoof.  Guaranteed to Like.  We love this big soggy gelding, he rides as a proven prime aged gelding should.