Here are our current horses available through auction, private and consignment.  Each horse will have a picture and brief description with a link to its own page.  Title, Pictures, Video, Description and what sale the horse will be headed too.  Please call or mesage if you have any questions. 801-361-6772

HORSES consigned to the Cody Horse Sale May 7th 

Trigger 2018 Gypsy/Pony Cross Gelding. #2 Consigned under RMO Horses at the Cody Horse Sale.  He is the definition of cute. If you’ve got a small child wanting to have a positive experience around horses here is your pony. He stands 12.2 hands, palomino, he’s as cute of a pony as you’ll find. He’ll ride the trail, he’ll ride through obstacles, he’ll ride in the arena, pull a cart, lay down if asked and look cute all day long. He’s even been roped on by Freeman his 9 yr old trainer. He’s been used by all ages of kids, Trigger can be ridden by any child that can sit in a saddle, he’s laid back, won’t take off on a kid, but he will ride when you ask him to. Perfect pony for the newbies to horseback riding. Easy to catch, easy to handle, incredible ground manners, stands all day if needed. He’s sound with no issues, he’s gonna be around for years to come. FMI call at 801-361-6772

Chip 2018 Buckskin Gypsy/Qtr Cross, 14 hands #6 Consigned under A Bar J Horses at the Cody Horse Sale. WOW! Take a look at this flashy gypsy/qtr cross! They don’t come any better than this guy. He’s got all the shape in the world, built right, and rides like a dream. Chip will ride around like a reiner - nice lope, easy jog, good turn around and a nice stop. Ride him any way you want and he’s going to take care of his rider. Ride him bareback, western or English. It won’t matter. He’s friendly, likes to please and will ride quiet. He’s seen a cow and will ride and travel out real good on the trail. He’s willing to try it all and would work in any discipline for a youth rider or lady. He crosses water, bridges, tarps, logs, pretty much anything you ask of him and he’ll do it. He’ll ride good in traffic, safe up the road and by himself if needed. He’s easy to handle, has great ground manners, knows how to stand tied, and is good for the farrier. He’s been one of the kids' favorites and all the work training him has been done by them. He’s been a joy to start and ride. One of the highlights for sure! For more information, call Alvin (660) 684-6974.

Chance is a big, fancy 2016 draft cross gelding #21 Consigned under Ike and Shanna Thomas at the Cody Horse Sale. He's one that will turn heads with his flashy black and white pattern and two blue eyes. He is kind and eager to please. He has earned a living doing ranch work gathering and trailing cows, pasture roping and doctoring, and taking care of the kids in all types of terrain and weather. We have also used him to hunt lions and pack salt. He doesn’t get bothered by new things and is calm and quiet whether riding alone or in a group. He stays between your reins and watches where he places his feet. He would work many disciplines whether ranching, hunting, chasing hounds, packing, trail, and just pleasure riding. He lopes nice circles and hits the ground soft for a smooth ride. His size doesn’t limit his ability. He can turn around and stop like a smaller made horse. He has all the right attributes we love in the draft cross; gentle, willing, and rides the same after time off. It doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous too!

RMO's Next Big Splash 2016 Draft Cross Gelding #23 Consigned under RMO Horses at the Cody Horse Sale BIG AND GENTLE there is no better way to describe this big handsome gelding. He’s a 2016 model making almost 6 yr old. He stands 16.2 hands tall and weighs 1450 lbs. He’s a unique gelding with a lot of quality and substance to him, he’s definitely got a lot of WOW to him. He will ride quiet and easy for anyone that wants to sit him and ride. We trust this horse like no other, he’s gentle, he likes attention, he’s good on the ground, will come to you in a pasture. We’ve put him through everything we can in our program and he is well trained to ride and well trained to drive. He’s great out on the mountain, no spook or surprises, rides good anywhere you take him through water, downfall or off trail. He rides great in the arena and has a very smooth lope and trot for a big horse. He’s been ridden English and would make an excellent dressage prospect, eventer or even a Fox hunter. He’s good on the ranch, we’ve used him to rope cows, brand on, gather on the mountain and sort in the pen, nothing will surprise this horse. He’ll pull a sleigh or carriage for you and looks pretty fancy doing it. Splash is well rounded, he really can and does about everything you could ever want him to and he will certainly stand out with color and all the hair he sports. We’ve used him everywhere and anyway you can imagine and so far he’s never let us down. He’s been on the road, he’s traffic safe, hitch him up alone if you have to and take him for a sleigh ride or evening carriage ride. He’s been rode in parades and used to carry the flag for the national anthem. Nothing makes this big guy nervous. There are so many things you can do with him, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of owning him. He's sound, good to shoe, haul and clip. FMI please call Joe Loveridge at 801-361-6772 I would love to answer and any questions you might have.

Dollar 2018 Dun Cross Bred Gelding- #35 consigned under A Bar J Horses is one nice draft cross gelding- good-looking, gentle and real easy to ride. . He rides correct, quiet and always gentle. He's got a willing personality, wants to please and will stay broke whether he's ridden once a day, once a week or once a month. He's got the gentle soul that draft crosses are known for but has a lot of feel and ride to him. He moves around extremely easy and free. He's one that most anyone will get along with. NO SPOOK and no surprises with this nice gelding. He's been ridden by kids, ridden English and western and will work great in the arena, out on the mountain and trail or on the ranch working. He stands roughly 16.2 hands, lots of shape and great feet. He's solid and one we will guarantee to please. Will pack a flag, drag a tarp or ride him bareback. We really really like this good gelding. A lot to look at and one that will be around for many many years to come. He could go any direction you would want to take him with his size and ability


Chics First Spoonful 2017 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding- #42 Consigned under RMO Horses at the Cody Horse Sale. This Bay Roan is beautiful, fun and gentle. This is one that will tug at the heart strings. He’s been started in our program. Look at his pedigree!! He has the "wants to please" attitude that you can’t replace. He’s one that will do anything you ask at liberty or under saddle. You walk he’ll walk, You skip he’ll skip, You run he’ll lope. We can’t explain in words the way this horse wants to join up with his rider and perform at whatever level. He’ll ride around correct, knows his leads well and has a nice turn around and big stop. He is very versatile. Take him to any ranch classes or show and he’ll make you look real good. He’d make an awesome little heel horse and breakaway horse if you want one for high school rodeo. He’d make the perfect youth horse or ladies horse for any kind of event. We have done it all on him pushed cows, tracked slow steers, roped on him, children ride him bare back and bridle-less and much more. He's cow bred as you can find one- This is a good minded gelding is a favorite in the barn. He will be the same on the trails every day and crosses water and ditches easily. He is one for the whole family, always sane and sound. He’s going to make someone the happiest horse owner of the year, he’s sound and has our "Guaranteed to Like” on him. FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772


Barney is a 2018 Buckskin Draft Cross 15.2 hands. #63 Consigned under A Bar J Horses. Barney is a big pretty gentle buttermilk buckskin. He’s got a sweet personality with all the color and wow factor you could want in a horse. Big kind eye, lots of mane and tail makes this good-looking fellow stand out. He has alot of presence and is a fun gelding to saddle up and ride. You don’t have to be cowboy to saddle up and go ride this guy. He’s going to be good for anyone whether they want to saddle up western or English and head up the trail on. He’s been rode on the mountain, he rides soft and correct in the arena and will handle new things with no problem. He’s willing, wants to please and will be around for many years to come. If you want one you can stand out in a crowd on here ya go. He’s a good one. He’s good to shoe, stands all day, easy to load and stands good to mount. For more information call Alvin (660) 684 6974

Sweet Nu Oakleys 2018 AQHA Buckskin Gelding #79 Consigned under RMO Horses in the Cody Horse Sale.Top Notch Gelding for Anyone. This is an extremely gentle quiet minded gelding that’s been started right and been in good hands from day one, we started this young gelding and he's been nothing but good from day one. He wants to be gentle everyday every time you get on him. He’s got a quiet easy going attitude like a horse much older. He doesn’t get rattled, wants to please and will give it his all to do it right. No spook, No funny business and will do what you ask without a fight. We really like this young gelding. He’s loaded with ability and will be one of those good ones that will stay quiet and stay broke as often as you ride him. Built right and built to last. This gelding has all the makings of a high end rope horse or will be one the whole family could use from weekend trail rides, to working the ranch, to arena work. He’s one that has the ability, nicely trained and easy to get along with. Guaranteed to “Like”. He’s sound, clean legged, and darn sure pretty. FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772

Waylon 2016 16.1 Black Friesian/Percheron Gelding.  #94 Consigned under Ike and Shanna Thomas at the Cody Horse Sale. This is a big black handsome fella will knock your socks off when you see him. He’s got all the look in the world- size, mane, tail, black hooves, big boned and will hold up to whatever your do with him. He’s light on his feet for his size. Lopes around the arena in style, this guy is going to get you noticed. He’ll ride great outside, he rides correct and will look good doing whatever it is you want-ranch, dressage, foxhunt, make him an eventer or go for a pleasure ride. All the size to pack any size rider or if you just like big horses here you go, has the ability to go any direction you’d like. Put him in a western saddle and use him on the ranch or on the mountain- he’s been used to hunt, pack, rides great on the trail with other horses, worked and fathered cattle, he’ll lead out on the trail or ride in the middle of the pack. He’s got a lot of talent that can be expanded to become a Dressage rider or whatever your suits fancy. He looks great under english tack! He’s smooth strided and easy to sit. Outstanding gelding that will stand out, just coming into the prime of his life. He’s as solid as they get, anyone that has ridden enjoys him, he’s a big mover and will get where you want when asked, big strong horse, forward moving but rides how you want. For questions please don’t hesitate to call 208-591-1419 or 435-720-3411

Calvin is a 2018 Blue Roan Qtr Draft Gelding. #98 Consigned by A Bar J Horses in the Cody Horse Sale He’s Blue, He’s Gentle and He’s a handsome made gelding. This one is a barn favorite. He’s been rode by all the kids. He’s gentle, he’ll be quiet everyday. He’s easy to look at- He’s blue with lots of mane and tail and he’s made to last. Calvin will ride the trails, the mountain, he’ll ride where you ask and cross downfall, rivers and anything you ask him to. He’ll ride real nice in the arena and look good doing it. He’s got a nice whoa, easy slow lope, move off your leg, side pass, back up and is the kind that wants to please. He’s gonna stand quiet, good on the ground, easy to handle and will take care of any level of rider. You will like Calvin. He’s been used on the ranch, will do all the jobs, will track a steer, been roped on and will stay quiet no matter what you’re doing. He’s perfect sized and has. You’ll have a nice equine partner in this guy for years to come, perfect horse for the whole family. FMI call Alvin at 660-684-6974

Macs Playboys Junior 2016 AQHA Buckskin Gelding #101 Consigned under RMO Horses at the Cody Horse Sale. Here’s one that will check all the Boxes: Gentle, Build, Color, Broke. He’s stout, great confirmation and as correct made as you’ll ever find. 15 hands and around 1200 lbs. This gelding will satisfy all levels of riders a d make you enjoy time in the saddle. Easy, Friendly and always willing to ride. He’s one we’re real proud to offer, it’s hard finding one that will do it all and handle everything you can throw at one and Junior will do just that. If you were to describe a horse you’ve always wanted, Bentley will fit the bill. He’s a buckskin, he’s GENTLE every single day, quiet, friendly, he’s going to take care of his rider no matter the situation. You can take this fine made gelding up the mountain alone or in a group. He will ride nice in the arena, picks up his leads, stops good, handles great. Ride him bareback with just twine around his neck, saddle him up on a cold morning and he’ll ride off the same every day. Make your dream come true with this nice nice gelding. He’s just a little different than a lot of them. FMI call Joe at 801-361-6772



Mile High Select Sale February 19th in Loveland, Colorado

 Denver- 2018 Gray Qtr Horse Gelding.  He stands 15 hands, He's built right and he's good to ride.  Gentle everyday. Anyone can ride.  Safe for all level riders.  More info to come.


JB- 2016 Gray Qtr Horse Gelding.  He is 15.1 stout made, gentle, in your pocket type gelding.  He rides quiet, likes to please and will lope good circles in the arena, ride like one should and safe on the trail.